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Rector's Blog

Does your life mean anything?

YES!! People do matter and our lives have enormous significance.

The media headlines are full of turning the boats back, building union corruption, bike gang wars, civil war in the Middle East and Ukraine as I write. I think the headlines were full of much the same thing when I was a boy. There are the same tragedies in family life on the following pages. What is new is the disgusting unveiling of the institutional abuse of children by Christian organizations. For us who consider ourselves Christian it is all too easy to find the atmosphere of the 'world' eroding our faith, diluting hope and corrupting love. What is wrong? It seems hard to put a finger on it. The old problems seem to re-emerge. The danger is that we become callous and careless ourselves, looking after number one rather than concerned for others which is a foundational piece of the teachings of Christ and a key to ensuring that we do not, in turn, harden our own hearts.

Christian teaching on the dignity, nobility, and worth of human beings is of the utmost importance today partly because of the need for a correct understanding of our self image and partly for the welfare of society. When human beings are devalued everything in society goes sour. Women and children are despised; the sick are regarded as a nuisance and the elderly as a burden; ethnic minorities are discriminated against; capitalism displays its ugly face; labour is exploited and criminals are brutalized in prison. Freedom vanishes, as does dignity, joy. Human life seems noit worth living, because it is scarcely human any longer.

But when human beings are valued, because of their intrinsic worth, everything changes. Women and children are honoured; the sick are cared for and the elderly allowed to live and die with dignity; minorities are protected and prisoners can be rehabilitated and workers are given a fair go.

*People do matter and our lives have enormous significance. *Why? Because every man woman and child has significance. We are persons with personalities who are made in the image of God. God made male and females in his own image and has given them responsibility to care for the earth. We have unique rational moral, social and creative faculties which make us like the God of the Bible and unlike the animals. We are Godlike beings.

Sadly we have fallen from our wonderful, sublime origin, and our Godlikeness has been distorted. But it has not been destroyed. The Bible is clear on this.

A part of God's new society meets on Sundays at St Nick's on Kinghorne St. Come and join us.

Ross Hathway.